Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Values, Our Destiny

People talk about "finding" their lives. In reality, your life is not something you find - it's something you create.   -David Phillips

Our destiny is determined by our values. What things or ideas do we give value? What things or ideas do we ignore?  These values then occupy a place in our heart, then in our thoughts, then in our actions.  Our actions then become our behavior.

Our behavior is a direct result our repeated thoughts toward what we value. Create the life you desire by focusing on the values that are consistent with that life. Any thoughts that don't support that life are  illusions or fantasies.

Being congruent means your thoughts, actions, and values are consistent. Where ever you are today, what ever you have in your life is a result of this congruency, and for better or worse, it is leading you toward your destiny.

You can change your destiny, or enhance your destiny, by focusing on the values that are consistent with the life you desire.

We don't need motivation to do the things we love.

Remember, motivation and inspiration are similar, but different. Motivation is a symptom. Many times it is needed because we are lacking the desire to do something. It may get us excited for the moment. It may even get a certain task or job completed. 

But inspiration will ignite the passions within.  And once ignited, the enthusiasm, the 'god-within,' will  determine our values, thoughts, and actions. Our Destiny.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Victory of Death

Victory or Death!
Does this sound familiar?  Have you ever heard it?  Have you ever felt the emotion behind it?  If the answer is NO, repeat this slogan 1,000 times today.  If you answered YES, repeat this slogan 1,000 times today. 
Victory or Death is not a slogan, it is an attitude.  It is an “I’m all in” attitude.  It demonstrates our personal commitment.  And when you think it through, our entire life as it is today, demonstrates our personal commitment, to this point in time.  Have we truly been committed?  Have we been ‘all in’?  Have you settled for being less than we are capable?
William Travis, the 27 year old commander of the Alamo is the first person to whom I attribute these words.  Imagine,  a 27 year old commander!  A commander over not just the Alamo, but American icons like Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie! 
He and the others had been given the chance to leave. To surrender. The Mexican army was marching toward the Alamo and the 180 or so freedom fighters chose freedom as their greater purpose.  They were committed to their freedom over a life ruled by tyrants.
We all have tyrants in our lives.  Jobs we hate. Debts and obligations we disdain. Relationships or health issues we struggle with.  These are the tyrants that we deal with on a daily basis.  And what is you attitude about these tyrants?  Do you tolerate being abused, or in debt, or being out of breath or over weight?   Do you desire freedom from these tyrants that you have allowed into your life?
You can’t run away.  These tyrants will follow you.  You must decide clearly what you desire.  How you want your life to be, not how you don’t want it to be.  And once you decide, you are in control.  It is as true today as it was for William Travis,  it is your personal freedom  that must drive you.  Your freedom from debt and control your finances.  Your freedom from abusive relationships or unfulfilling jobs.  Or your freedom from poor health and destructive habits.
And once you decide that tyrant runs your life, it is a clear choice:  Victory or Death!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Old Dog New Tricks"

Old Dog New Tricks
Are you an Old Dog?  Are you a Young Pup?  Have you ever heard: You Can’t Teach an old dog new tricks?  If you agree with this you are a dog, not human.  One of the blessings of being Human is our ability to make decisions. To choose. To control. To adopt. In essence,  to maintain control over our destiny.

We have all met people in the 70’s and 80’ that are full of life, love, and enthusiasm. They are controlling their destiny by living a life of abundance.  We have also met people in their 20’s that are glum, bummed, and down and out on life and themselves.  They have failed to learn to take control of their life.  They have convinced themselves someone else is controlling their life. The ‘Man’ or “the powers that be’ or ‘my Parents’ are deciding for them what their life should be like.  So here we have a ‘young pup’ and an ‘old dog’ that are both experiencing life. But the ‘old dog’ is enthused about life when the ‘young pup’ is becoming bitter.

The good news is the young pup can change. This is because we have that ability to make choices that affect our life and a dog doesn’t.  So, learning new tricks is a choice.  And when we choose to not learn new tricks, we are making a conscious decision to not grow.  Not to advance. We are deciding to stay the same. To remain in our current situation.  If we are not growing in our life we are dying.  Our lives become unfulfilled.  We accept this plight. We become victims of our own thoughts.  Whether you think you can or can’t, you are correct.

Tricks may not the right word.  Tricks suggest we are deceiving, or using Illusions or delusional.  We know they are not real. We know they are false.  We know they are delusional.   

You might say: These are not tricks, these are techniques. OK, techniques. Techniques are methods, systems, practices, procedures, ‘modus operandi’.  These are all done, or developed, to get some kind of result.  And the truth that will set you free is that everything you do will get results.  The question is: Are these the results you seek?  If yes, the technics are working. It is now a matter of expanding our thoughts in order to expand our life.  Or, to learn ‘New Tricks.”

Converse to that, we may also get results that are inconsistent with our intended desire.  We get results that less than expected.  We ‘trick’ ourselves into believing this strategy will work, and delude (trick) ourselves into thinking this is a good plan of action.  And occasionally it does.  Once in a while it will really work out and we think we have hit ‘pay dirt’, the ‘Mother Load’, ‘Easy Street.’ 

And if you are blessed, and this activity is consistent with your passions and your ‘authentic you’ then maybe you have just swerved into your Bliss.

And then the question becomes: can the activity that lead to that success be duplicated?  Can you do it again, and again, and again? If the answer is ‘yes’, then by all means, Commit. Don’t quit.  Take action and build traction. Focus your energy. Harness that determination.  Channel those thoughts. Less becomes more.

Associate with likeminded people. Find them.  What you will find is that they are busy. Busy following their Bliss. Busy helping others. Others that are seeking their Bliss.  And this is one of the Keys to a successful life. Enlightened people that are engaged in pursuing being the best version of themselves, recognized that there are other people that are also pursuing their dreams with great passion.  And as this passion and energy builds,  more passion and energy will develop among others.  “Bird of a feather…..’, you know the expression. You know the answer.  In your heart, you know the truth.

Enthusiasm means ‘god within.’ Be enthused about your life.  If you’re not enthused about your life, then who will be?  Be enthused about something! Helping others, making money, travel, writing, speaking, selling, medicine, the arts, entertaining, it doesn’t matter, it is your choice. The results are 100% yours.  The reason people don’t execute plan ‘B’ is because plan ‘A’ never gets off the ground.

Be enthused about your results. Because you will always get results!  And when our results  are less than we anticipated,  recognize that they are  simply stepping stones on our journey to our destiny.  “Don’t get Mad, Get Better.” It is your choice.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Occupy your Purpose

Occupy your Purpose: Ask yourself this question:  Am I here to pursue my passions or am I here to pursue the common good?  Who decides our passions? Who decides what is important to us? Who decides how we want to spend and share our love, our interest, and our level of commitment to those passions? And who decides the common good? Who decides how we should spend our time and commitments? And who decides our level of commitment to the common good?  When people pursue their passions, are they contributing to the common good?   And when people pursue the common good, are they pursuing their passion?  The answer to both could be: Yes.  But they are not interchangeable. In both cases the individual has decided the meaning of their pursuit.  And that pursuit is not incumbent on another person, or group, approval.   And it is only by our individual pursuits that we gain. Not for our ego, but for our highest spiritual self. And when we do pursue our passions, we truly have the power of God, and the universe supporting our efforts.  Pursue your passions and encourage other to pursue theirs and together, we all promote a better  life. Life is good. Enjoy your day in paradise.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Occupy your Creativity

Occupy your Creativity:  God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  Jesus said,”All that I have done, you can do, and more.”  The first gift we receive is the gift of life. Our second gift is our ability to identify and create a world based on our passions.  We are the only ones’ in our life that can create our life.  No one can create it for us.  When we are creating, we come alive. We are pursuing passions that only we possess. We are living purely in the moment. Time is lost. There is no past. There is no future. Only the present. And in the present, we are living fully.  We have the ability to be creative every day. We have the ability to be creative every moment of the day. And as we exercise our creativity, all of our passions become intensified: love, enthusiasm, excitement, confidence, integrity, authenticity, respect. Your life is today as you have created it. Your life tomorrow will be as you create it. Live each day creating the life of your passions.  You are loved. Life is good.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Occupy your Clarity

Occupy your Clarity:  When we are clear in our thinking and actions, we gain confidence. And others around us gain confidence as well. Our lifes don't drift when we are clear about our intentions. People know where they stand and why. And more important, we know where we stand and why.  Good decisions come from Clarity. Be clear about your love of life. Be clear in your relationships with others. Love life to the fullest. Life is good.