Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Old Dog New Tricks"

Old Dog New Tricks
Are you an Old Dog?  Are you a Young Pup?  Have you ever heard: You Can’t Teach an old dog new tricks?  If you agree with this you are a dog, not human.  One of the blessings of being Human is our ability to make decisions. To choose. To control. To adopt. In essence,  to maintain control over our destiny.

We have all met people in the 70’s and 80’ that are full of life, love, and enthusiasm. They are controlling their destiny by living a life of abundance.  We have also met people in their 20’s that are glum, bummed, and down and out on life and themselves.  They have failed to learn to take control of their life.  They have convinced themselves someone else is controlling their life. The ‘Man’ or “the powers that be’ or ‘my Parents’ are deciding for them what their life should be like.  So here we have a ‘young pup’ and an ‘old dog’ that are both experiencing life. But the ‘old dog’ is enthused about life when the ‘young pup’ is becoming bitter.

The good news is the young pup can change. This is because we have that ability to make choices that affect our life and a dog doesn’t.  So, learning new tricks is a choice.  And when we choose to not learn new tricks, we are making a conscious decision to not grow.  Not to advance. We are deciding to stay the same. To remain in our current situation.  If we are not growing in our life we are dying.  Our lives become unfulfilled.  We accept this plight. We become victims of our own thoughts.  Whether you think you can or can’t, you are correct.

Tricks may not the right word.  Tricks suggest we are deceiving, or using Illusions or delusional.  We know they are not real. We know they are false.  We know they are delusional.   

You might say: These are not tricks, these are techniques. OK, techniques. Techniques are methods, systems, practices, procedures, ‘modus operandi’.  These are all done, or developed, to get some kind of result.  And the truth that will set you free is that everything you do will get results.  The question is: Are these the results you seek?  If yes, the technics are working. It is now a matter of expanding our thoughts in order to expand our life.  Or, to learn ‘New Tricks.”

Converse to that, we may also get results that are inconsistent with our intended desire.  We get results that less than expected.  We ‘trick’ ourselves into believing this strategy will work, and delude (trick) ourselves into thinking this is a good plan of action.  And occasionally it does.  Once in a while it will really work out and we think we have hit ‘pay dirt’, the ‘Mother Load’, ‘Easy Street.’ 

And if you are blessed, and this activity is consistent with your passions and your ‘authentic you’ then maybe you have just swerved into your Bliss.

And then the question becomes: can the activity that lead to that success be duplicated?  Can you do it again, and again, and again? If the answer is ‘yes’, then by all means, Commit. Don’t quit.  Take action and build traction. Focus your energy. Harness that determination.  Channel those thoughts. Less becomes more.

Associate with likeminded people. Find them.  What you will find is that they are busy. Busy following their Bliss. Busy helping others. Others that are seeking their Bliss.  And this is one of the Keys to a successful life. Enlightened people that are engaged in pursuing being the best version of themselves, recognized that there are other people that are also pursuing their dreams with great passion.  And as this passion and energy builds,  more passion and energy will develop among others.  “Bird of a feather…..’, you know the expression. You know the answer.  In your heart, you know the truth.

Enthusiasm means ‘god within.’ Be enthused about your life.  If you’re not enthused about your life, then who will be?  Be enthused about something! Helping others, making money, travel, writing, speaking, selling, medicine, the arts, entertaining, it doesn’t matter, it is your choice. The results are 100% yours.  The reason people don’t execute plan ‘B’ is because plan ‘A’ never gets off the ground.

Be enthused about your results. Because you will always get results!  And when our results  are less than we anticipated,  recognize that they are  simply stepping stones on our journey to our destiny.  “Don’t get Mad, Get Better.” It is your choice.

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