Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Values, Our Destiny

People talk about "finding" their lives. In reality, your life is not something you find - it's something you create.   -David Phillips

Our destiny is determined by our values. What things or ideas do we give value? What things or ideas do we ignore?  These values then occupy a place in our heart, then in our thoughts, then in our actions.  Our actions then become our behavior.

Our behavior is a direct result our repeated thoughts toward what we value. Create the life you desire by focusing on the values that are consistent with that life. Any thoughts that don't support that life are  illusions or fantasies.

Being congruent means your thoughts, actions, and values are consistent. Where ever you are today, what ever you have in your life is a result of this congruency, and for better or worse, it is leading you toward your destiny.

You can change your destiny, or enhance your destiny, by focusing on the values that are consistent with the life you desire.

We don't need motivation to do the things we love.

Remember, motivation and inspiration are similar, but different. Motivation is a symptom. Many times it is needed because we are lacking the desire to do something. It may get us excited for the moment. It may even get a certain task or job completed. 

But inspiration will ignite the passions within.  And once ignited, the enthusiasm, the 'god-within,' will  determine our values, thoughts, and actions. Our Destiny.

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