Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Victory of Death

Victory or Death!
Does this sound familiar?  Have you ever heard it?  Have you ever felt the emotion behind it?  If the answer is NO, repeat this slogan 1,000 times today.  If you answered YES, repeat this slogan 1,000 times today. 
Victory or Death is not a slogan, it is an attitude.  It is an “I’m all in” attitude.  It demonstrates our personal commitment.  And when you think it through, our entire life as it is today, demonstrates our personal commitment, to this point in time.  Have we truly been committed?  Have we been ‘all in’?  Have you settled for being less than we are capable?
William Travis, the 27 year old commander of the Alamo is the first person to whom I attribute these words.  Imagine,  a 27 year old commander!  A commander over not just the Alamo, but American icons like Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie! 
He and the others had been given the chance to leave. To surrender. The Mexican army was marching toward the Alamo and the 180 or so freedom fighters chose freedom as their greater purpose.  They were committed to their freedom over a life ruled by tyrants.
We all have tyrants in our lives.  Jobs we hate. Debts and obligations we disdain. Relationships or health issues we struggle with.  These are the tyrants that we deal with on a daily basis.  And what is you attitude about these tyrants?  Do you tolerate being abused, or in debt, or being out of breath or over weight?   Do you desire freedom from these tyrants that you have allowed into your life?
You can’t run away.  These tyrants will follow you.  You must decide clearly what you desire.  How you want your life to be, not how you don’t want it to be.  And once you decide, you are in control.  It is as true today as it was for William Travis,  it is your personal freedom  that must drive you.  Your freedom from debt and control your finances.  Your freedom from abusive relationships or unfulfilling jobs.  Or your freedom from poor health and destructive habits.
And once you decide that tyrant runs your life, it is a clear choice:  Victory or Death!