Sunday, May 6, 2012

Occupy your Purpose

Occupy your Purpose: Ask yourself this question:  Am I here to pursue my passions or am I here to pursue the common good?  Who decides our passions? Who decides what is important to us? Who decides how we want to spend and share our love, our interest, and our level of commitment to those passions? And who decides the common good? Who decides how we should spend our time and commitments? And who decides our level of commitment to the common good?  When people pursue their passions, are they contributing to the common good?   And when people pursue the common good, are they pursuing their passion?  The answer to both could be: Yes.  But they are not interchangeable. In both cases the individual has decided the meaning of their pursuit.  And that pursuit is not incumbent on another person, or group, approval.   And it is only by our individual pursuits that we gain. Not for our ego, but for our highest spiritual self. And when we do pursue our passions, we truly have the power of God, and the universe supporting our efforts.  Pursue your passions and encourage other to pursue theirs and together, we all promote a better  life. Life is good. Enjoy your day in paradise.