Thursday, February 16, 2012

Occupy your Attentions

Occupy your Attention:  What we pay attention to is what we become.   It is easy to say that our intentions should deserve our attention. But for many of us, we allow our attention to be fractured.  “A little bit of this and a little bit of that’ and before we know it, our lives are adrift.  I recently challenged a friend to think about what he would do if he inherited $5,000,000. He began by telling me the things he wouldn’t do. I did not want to appear pious, but I politely reminded him the question was: “ what would he do?”  Not, “what would he not do?”  He then began to tell about the bills he would pay, and the upgrades on his home, etc.  Again, while these are admirable, those are things he would do with the money, but not with his life.  “What would you do with your life,” I repeated.  How would you live your life?  The answer to this question is where our passion lies.  And where your passion lies, is where we need to be.  “We never need   motivation to do the things we love.”  This I guarantee: In five years you will be five years older!  And wherever   we are in life, take time to identify your passion, and then move in that direction.  In five years, you will have more love and life in your life.  You are loved, life is good.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Occupy Your Life

Occupy your Life: Live life in this very moment. Dream big now, act big now. Fear restricts while passion addicts. Get addicted to your dreams and passions! Life is for living. Not complaining. Not feelling resentful. But for the joy of the control and choices we have been given. Dream big today. And tomorrow, act big on those dreams. And dream some more. You are loved, Life is good.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Occupy Your Values

Occupy your Values:  Demeaning and denigrating those of whom we disagree reflects a value that says we think those people are unworthy of the humanity they possess.  It reflects a value that we only honor those who possess similar values. This does not create true diversity.  This creates separation and detachment from others, and worse, with ourselves. We are limited in our thinking, and our values become nothing more than ideas based on fashionable or seemingly popular trends.  Focus on, and challenge constantly,  your own Values.  Have the courage to live by these values.  And when we do, our lives become more fulfilled. More loving, and worthy of emulation.