Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surfer Dude and Success

I recently spent a week near Flagler Beach, Fla. Nestled about mid-way between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. A remarkable seaside community untouched by High Raise Condos and apartments.

My purpose was to visit family and give some Presentations for my book and some book signings. That leaves time for other things.

There is a beautiful strip of land that lays between the intercoastal waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  The locals refer to this strip of land as:  Flagler Beach.  White sand, 200 yards wide at low tide and an ideal running surface. Others found it perfect for tanning, surf fishing, building sand castles, riding bikes, and a whole host of other wholesome and worthy activities.

On this given day, as I ran a stretch near Maggies European Cafe (a must on your travel log) I couldn't help but notice a group of ardent surfers.  As I jogged, they repeatedly climbed upon their board. Rode the wave. Then fell into the foamy sea.  I must have witnessed this group go through the same exercise a hundred times.  Their routine was to: paddle, climb, stand, ride, fall, repeat.

At first glance we might say,".. why bother."  But to the surfer, this is part of the key to success. And to a larger extent, the key to success in life.   Set a goal or exstablish desired results. Work toward those results. Adjust and readjust as necessary. Fall or fail from time to time. Climb back up and repeat the process after making those necessary adjustments.  And eventully, you ride the wave of success and make it look easy! Enjoy the ride. Enjoy your day in Paradise.