Monday, December 13, 2010

Intention vs Conviction

It is not the power of intention but the power of conviction toward that intention that matters.  We all have convictions about something.  And it is this something that determines what we get out of life.

Most of us dilute our talents.  We waterdown our desires.  We go along to get along. We compromise our dreams so much we forget what we wanted. 

If we are lucky, we will one day wake up and realize that other people have realized their dreams, why not me? We are now at the threshold of our bliss.  We realize we must do that something that we have frittered away.  We realize we must surrender to our dreams, and pursure them with the utmost conviction.

As Ben Franklin said, "it is our duty to pursue our dreams.  Anything short is immoral."

Our habits have lead us here.  Right now, reading these words.  Give thanks that you are here. Where you are in 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years will depend on what you do this very moment. How you change your life,your thoughts, your convictions, your habits.  Change is easy.  It is staying changed that can be hard.  Hold on to that thought. That emotion of your desire as long as you can.  Fall in love with your life.  Your dreams, your future, your destiny.  We are the only ones that can live our lifes.  Enjoy it. Love it. Life it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Placebo vs Nocebo: It is all about Choices

Ben Franklin once wrote: " There are only two things that are certain in life:  Death and Taxes"

While Mr. Franklin is clearly a hero of mine, I would disagree with this 'tounge n cheek' quip. I would amend this by saying, " There are only two that are certain in life:  We must Die,  and We must live until we die"

We have no choice as to when we are born.  And most likely we have no choice as to when we will die.  Everything in the middle is a choice.  A choice of thought and the action that the thought produces and our reactions to the thoughts and actions of others. 

While most of us may know about the 'Placebo Effect' and how it can alter a persons perception in a positive way, there is an evil twin known as the 'Nocebo effect'. The Nocebo Effect is a negative perception about events or situations. It is a pronounced or profound thought toward doom and gloom.  And our thoughts create habits which will eventually manifest in our lives.

There will always be challenges and struggle in our life's.  This will occur to everyone, all the time. There is no exception.  What we must understand is the difference between struggle and suffering.  Suffering is our struggle internalized.  We internalize this by saying things like:  This crap always happens to me. Oh, darn, I did it again. Or, I can't seem to get ahead. Or, when will the other shoe drop.  The list goes on and on and on.

And this 'nocebo effect' is our own thoughts, that little voice in our head, which speaks to us constantly about ourselves.  We can not stop that voice, we can only control it.  And we control it by understanding that this voice is constantly reaffirming something.  Something good, virtuous, noble, and uplifting.  Or something bad, degrading, ignoble, or self defeating.

Recognize this process for what it is.  When those 'nocebo' thoughts creep in, and they will, stop them immediately. Recognize them as false.  While we may not know where they come from, it doesn't matter.  Somewhere, somehow, they came and we have them now.  This happens to everone.  And it how we internal these 'nocebo' thoughts that effect the quality of our lives and relationships.

Immediately shift your awareness to your better self.  Forgive yourself immediately for ever having thought these thoughts. You are not a bad person.  Just a person with these thoughts. Forgive yourself for ever having thought you couldn't be, do, or have anything in life.  Know that you are loved by many and sincerely appreciated for your inner beauty.

It is estimated that we think about 95% of the thoughts today,  were the same or similar to the thoughts we had yesterday.  Hang on to that 5% of  new thought and carry it over to tomorrow.  Over 20 days, your thought will be 100% new. 

Change is easy.  Mark Twain once said that quiting smoking was easy, he did it 3 times a day!  It is the staying changed that becomes the challenge. 

This change of thought takes time. As you change our thoughts your life will change. Slowly at first.  As you hold onto these new thoughts, your actions and life will slowly change tin the direction of those thoughts.

If you regress, or fall. Don't worry.  Regain your high ground.  Regain your focus. Get back on the bike. We all fall from time to time.  It is getting back on track that is key.

No one is alone on this journey. Be patient and loving with yourself.  Be patient and loving with others.

Enjoy your day in Paradise.