Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Testimonials for What's In The Well Comes Up In The Bucket


“Chuck Locy has just made the Bucket List something more than a sequence of things an individual wants to experience before they die. Locy has written a personal guide to enriching your daily life.  Put this book on your Bucket List today.”

Rick Robinson
Amazon Top Selling Author
The Maximum Contribution, Sniper Bid & Manifest Destiny 

“Chuck Locy delivers powerful information on self-examination and being accountable for our lives. Knowing the truth is the key to live effectively and with fulfillment. What’s in the Well is an analogy for getting on with our lives and not making excuses for why we can’t. Locy reminds one to “enjoy your day in Paradise!”

Mary Flinn, author of The One

“What's in the Well Comes Up in the Bucket. You have an unmistakable energy and passion for sharing your beliefs and advice with us. I love the well metaphor.”

Flora M. Brown, Ph.D

“Locy claims he wrote “What’s in the Well” to change his life, not yours.  Once you read it and are moved by Locy’s heartfelt wisdom and strategies for clearing up your own well, your life will also be changed.  I’ve paid literally thousands of dollars for various self-development and other such  programs over the years.  Locy’s wisdom is more accessible, more real and has the potential to be just as transformational.”
Janette Keiser, author, speaker, lawyer

“Locy talks about our life being about our choices, and our reaction to the choices we make.  What’s in the Well is a result of all those choices. Choose with passion, choose with purpose, and choose this book”.

n     Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny
“Charles, I love what I see!  A brand new metaphor!  Fresh ideas backed up with age-old wisdom : )  And you’re attacking cliché’s (which I think we all need to do!)”

Terri Dunevant  "Terri the Blitz Master"

“Charles, I have been positively changed by the words of wisdom through your book. I'm therefore confident that your book will also have a dynamic impact on others who read it. You have indeed created a "self-discovery" and "personal success" coaching guide for the 21st Century and beyond.  I wish you continual success! “

Ian S. Lavine, Cayman Islands.

“It is clear that Chuck Locy has had such a rich experience with life that he is fully equipped to share with us secrets to help us to go to a deeper level. His use of anecdotes powerfully causes us to access the truths found within them. His informative, yet strategic style is sure to get us to from where we are to where we want to be to swiftly obtain the success we dream about. He also helps us to tap into the wisdom of well known people who have successfully trodden this pathway we call life. If you put these principles to work, you will receive the results you are looking for in your relational interactions and self actualization. Read this book and you are sure to find the answers to help you change and even improve the quality of your life. Read this book and begin the journey of making it well in your own personal “well.”

Dr. LaVerne Adams, is the author of “Driven By Destiny”with the foreword written by Dr. Rick Warren.  She is also a certified life coach, inspirational speaker and for nearly 15 years she has been a pastor, professor and community leader, helping countless individuals to define their destiny.  Also known as “The Doctor of Destiny®”, Dr. Adams is life coach to celebrities and busy professionals. As a graduate and adjunct faculty of Palmer Theological Seminary with a Doctorate of Ministry, she is passionate about sharing her wisdom from years of experience and training and is intentional about motivating people to maximize their potential and live the life of their dreams.

“Charles Locy’s powerful message about life and change is compelling and captivating. Follow him to the well. Take a dip and see what comes up. This extraordinary book can truly change your life.”
~ Chris Bledy, author, Beating Ovarian Cancer

What’s in the Well Comes Up in the Bucket is more than a parable or metaphor. It’s a paradigm shift.  When you understand that in order for your life to change you need to have the deepest parts of your well cleansed with the Charles Locy 7-Step purifying process. During this imagining process, your life becomes deeper, wider, healthier and much more! This book demonstrates that we have within us everything we need to fulfill our heart’s desire.”                                                   

                                             --Michael Helgeson, MBA